Film Board receives limited annual funding through the Michigan Tech Student Activity Fee–usually on the order of $4,000 per year. However, the Board’s typical operating expenses, including the costs for film rights and concessions restocking, are on the order of $35,000 per year. Film Board accounts for the $31,000 discrepancy between expenses and funding from the University by charging $3 per ticket and $1 per concessions item, and ends up more or less even at the end of each academic year, depending on the performance of the films shown.

Sometimes Film Board finds its equipment in need of upgrades, and the money the Board typically brings in is nowhere near the necessary amount for purchasing movie theatre equipment. Therefore, Film Board is accepting donations.

If you would like to donate to Film Board, you can use Michigan Tech’s “Make a Gift” page. To indicate that the donation is intended for Film Board, select “Other” under “Select Gift Designation(s)”, and add a note in the “Special Instructions” box for the University to direct the donation to Film Board.

We greatly appreciate any and all contributions.

Special thanks to the following donors:

  • Graduate Student Government
  • Undergraduate Student Government
  • Parents Fund
  • Alumni Association
  • Office of Institutional Equity and Inclusion
  • Housing and Residential Life
  • Career Services
  • D&D Club