Film Board Minutes

Date:  April 10th 2007

Meeting Started at:  6:05 PM

Unexcused Absences: Esther Johnson, Chris Sopczynski

Excused Absences: Joe Niewendorp, Randy Thomas, Kyle Thornton

Minutes: Passed


President: IFF plans an April 29th film.  Keep it in the back of your mind if you would like to project for it. Vacuum: $16 part should work (new filter included). Preview Weekend: Got tickets to Admissions; will get check. Award: We got an award which will come with a ceremony/banquet on April 29th 6-8. If people would like to go you must RSVP by Friday. F’all Nighter: Should we have a booth?          

Vice President: To attend the social you need 9 shows and 2 cleanups.  You need all 12 shows, 3 cleans, and 1 extreme of your requirements to receive posters.        


Secretary: no report


Treasurer: We have 20,000. Tell all your friends about ‘Dreamgirls                


Equipment Supervisor: Preview: If the room is open at 6pm on Wednesday, you can come and preview the movie. Receiver: tomorrow; speakers/setup. Not finished; got busy. DVD player got hooked up with more permanent fiber-optic cable. BMC converters.      


Web page: no report





Advertising: This will be the last weekend for slides; all expired. Ballasts- have been shipped (FedEX 4 hrs). Records with FedEx say it was delivered. The snow may have gotten it lost in the mail?  Use shipping insurance. We need to sell out surplus of candy.                


Advisors: Permission to use coolers requested during the last week of July.  It will be needed Friday night through following Monday for a reunion in the Houghton County Arena. Motion to allow Dave to use the coolers for the reunion; Passed.      Randy/Heyse will be around during the summer to help.           


Old Business: Ticket Windows: Everyone is always too busy to talk about getting the windows. Epic Movie: Release date moved to Tuesday after this weekend. We may only need 2 people to work the show. Sitcom Episode 2: Show Kyle’s 2nd episode during the night of Ghost rider. Motion to show it at 5:00 on Saturday with Ghost Rider to show at 6, 8:30, and 11. (14:8). Charge a fee for previewing? Make sure they are more organized. APO AD: Jeff’s design was reviewed and discussed. Motion to accept his design as is; passed. It will be submitted to APO. Account Who set up the Tech account. Look into it.


New Business: F’all Nighter: During orientation week (Friday August 31st) in the SDC from 10-2am. We need to know if we want to set up a booth by May 4th. Should we show a released movie during orientation week? Tabled. Web Adresses: It was discussed how it might be better to include all our addresses on banners.


Meeting Adjourned: 7:00

Dutifully Submitted,

Dan Ehlke