Film Board Minutes

Date:  August 30th, 2005


Meeting Started at: 6:05 P.M.


Unexcused Absences:  Attendance was not taken


Excused Absences:  Attendance was not taken


Minutes: Passed


President:  We had 80 people for our Orientation movie.  The next movies will be Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, The Longest Yard, Mr. and Mrs. Smith and Kingdom of Heaven.  If you are interested in recruiting new members from Open Door Day contact Kevin.  K-day booth sign-up will be next week.  There may be changes in the way we serve popcorn, MTU has changed their food policy.  Thanks goes to Jeff W. & Matt Bengry for help with the Orientation movie.  There will be an Officers meeting in the MUB commons at 6pm on Thursday.


Vice President:  We will vote on new members in two weeks.     


Secretary:  Attendance was not taken at this meeting.  A roster sign-up was passed around.   The membership list will be updated next week.


Treasurer:  The balance is ~$17,000, however we have three outstanding bills.


Publicity:  No Report.


Equipment Supervisor:  The question of spare projector bulbs was brought up.


Web page:  No Report.


Advertising:  The times are wrong on the publicity flyers- it will be fixed.  There are distributors for the table tents and posters. 


Concessions:  No Report.


Advisor:  No Report.


Old business:  None.


New business:  ROTC cancelled the promotion movie.  Send PowerPoint slides to Matt Heyse.


Meeting adjourned:  6:25 P.M.


Dutifully Submitted,

Susan Hallesy

Friday September 2nd, 2005 6:00PM