Film Board Minutes

Date: January 31, 2007 

Meeting Started at:  6:05 PM

Unexcused Absences: Sean O’ Brien, Erica Akehurst, Jon Lefevre, Kyle Long, Kyle Thornton

Excused Absences: Ashley Ames, Andrew Boutcher, Ghandi Jagasia, Joe Niewendorp, Jeff O’ Brien

Minutes: Passed


President: If anyone wants to do the Bigfoot Snowshoe Event, I have info.  Sarah Woodburn will be observing our meeting for a communications class. If you don’t want your name used in her paper, specify a fake name on the sheet going around. New people: If you still don’t have a shirt, come get one. They are $5 otherwise.  The next set of movies is as follows: Feb. 23-24:  Stranger than Fiction, March 2-3:   Casino Royale, March 23-24: Night at the Museum, March 30-31: Last King of Scotland, April 6-7:  The History Boys.        Bring in new potential members next week.

Vice President:  Requirements: 12-13 shows, 3.1 clean-ups (3-4), 1.3 extreme clean-ups (1-2)     


Secretary: No report


Treasurer: Went to SAF budgetary meeting; will send it out when I can. Should we invest money in a mechanical screen system?           


Equipment Supervisor:       


Web page: Fixed the dates/ membership list



Advertising:  I have one person who wants to advertise: Copyright group. They are worried that things might be thrown at the screen? We will approve the ads next meeting.         


Advisors: Dave Strong inquiring about borrowing our glass pop refrigerators.  He has a means of transporting it/them.                           


Old Business: LED Displays: Do we need these displays.  They would be nice, but they might not be worth it. They are around $300. A cheaper solution would be a light box. This could be manufactured by hand inexpensively.  Windows: We are now working with another person and the manufacturer of the doors in Fisher. We will possibly be able to get custom made doors instead. Vacuum: We need a vacuum really bad. Motion to purchase a ShopVac with a maximum price of $350 ASAP (within reason) passed (20:1). Phone/Answering Machine: A new Phone/Answering Machine combo was purchased ($39). We will need to record a new message every week.

New Business: Tweeder Speakers: We need new cables. Motion to purchase tweeder speaker cables for less than $75 passed (ALL).  Orange Tickets: In the past we have specified the orange reel of tickets as the refund tickets to be passed out in case something goes wrong with the movie. It was proposed that we purchase tickets with the words ‘Refund’ on them.  It should first be discussed with Jeff O’Brien and costs will be examined. Ducktales Posters: Should we have 1 or 2 posters; general consensus: 2 posters.


Meeting Adjourned: 6:48pm

Dutifully Submitted,

Dan Ehlke