Film Board Minutes


Date:  March 30th, 2004


Meeting Started at: 6:05 P.M.


Attendance wasn’t taken, everyone gets a freebie.


Minutes: Passed


President:  No new T-shirts are going to be bought because Matt found a large box of older T-shirts in the office.  Also Keweenaw Pride no longer wants to show the Rocky Horror Picture show apparently it was too expensive for them.


Vice President:  Voting for the social will be taken soon.


Secretary:  (Not Present) Nothing to report.


Publicity:  Adam didn’t know the times for the movie, so there isn’t any publicity yet.


Equipment:  Not Present.


Webpage:  Website will be updated.


Concessions:  We are all set; we have enough candy and pop.


Treasurer:  (Not Present) Report via email.


Advertising:  Niko found a digital projector for only $6,500.00. 


Advisor:  Nothing to report.


Old business:  The proposal Lisa took to WHSA was accepted.  There was a motion to let WHSA rent the old popcorn machine and cotton candy maker under the supervision of Lisa for $150.  The motion was seconded and passed.  The social was voted on, and the result is we will be Grillin’ and Chillin’ on April 30th.  If the weather is bad, we’ll go see a movie instead.


New business:  Only one person showed up for our membership drive, Daniel Rebori-Carretero, who was voted in.  The times for Last Samurai will be the usual extended times, 5:30, 8:30, and 11:30.  Rob Bishop is looking for student advisors from the various organizations, no one volunteered for this position. 


Meeting Adjourned: 6:?? P.M.


Dutifully Submitted,

John Jeske

Tuesday April 6, 2004 2:40 P.M.