Film Board Minutes

Date:  March 25th 2003


Meeting Started at:  6:03 P.M. 


Unexcused Absences:  Luke Hasemeier, Ian Jeffrey, Stephanie Marolt, Brian Mooren, Tamara Ojanen, Mark Schultz, Jeffrey Wolodkiewicz


Excused Absences:  Pedro Lemmertz, Lisa Welling


Minutes:  Passed


President:  The contract was signed, there will be 28 films.  There was a question of whether or not we will be showing Gangs of New York, since it wasn’t on publicity, but it will be shown on May 2nd.  Our representative from SWANK, Mary determined Confessions of a Dangerous Mind wouldn’t be available, so we’ll be replacing it with 25th Hour.  The application for K-Day needs to be filled out.  We’ll probably do the same thing as last year, bocce ball, and possibly lawn darts.


Vice President:  Last week, the sign up sheet was still messy, try and keep it clean.  Also, make sure the person didn’t show up, because we don’t really need more than a few people at the 6 o’clock show.  It’s good though the sheet is getting filled up.


Secretary:  No report.


Treasurer:  We sold 350 tickets for Punch Drunk Love and we made $300 in concessions.  Make sure not to accept ½ dollar bills, these actually don’t equal 50 cents.


Equipment Supervisor:  The movie isn’t in yet, but should be tomorrow.  It will be shown at 8.  If you want to learn to become a projectionist just show up Wednesday evening and learn all about it.


Web page:  The website is updated for the movie and the times will be changed.


Publicity:  There are flyers for the special showing What a Girl Wants.  To save money, Adam is going to reduce the amount of flyers for each movie, especially if people don’t know how many flyers to post.


Concessions:  Make sure not to leave boxes of candy almost empty in the office.  Do we still want to sell raisnets?  If so, it looks like we need to buy more.  Pedro should be buying pop later, so leave the dollies out before the show so he can use them.  Also, he needs to see Wayne about a refund. Pedro also checked on the popcorn flavoring, I'll forward the information to the list, since I haven't been able to show up for the meetings lately.


Advisors:  Not Present.


Old Business:  None.


New Business:  The Chinese Student Association would like a group discount to go see Catch Me If You Can.  Approximately 100 students would need a section taped off for a discounted price.  There was a motion to sell 100 (or if we get an exact number) tickets at $1.75.  The motion was seconded and passed.  Bekki will recommend the 5:30 showing.  We met with USG for the exact number for next years budget, $18,205.  Since we got all this money, it was suggested we show movies for free, until we run out of money or show a couple more movies for free per semester.  Possibly before exams to ease the tension, more talk about this next year.  Also, we should be sure to include the supported by Student Activity Fee.  As for our social, our Vice President will contact the previous VP on how to handle that.


Meeting Adjourned:  6:25


Dutifully Submitted,

John Jeske

Saturday March 29th 7:05 P.M.