Film Board Minutes

Date:  March 1st, 2005        


Meeting Started at:  6:05 PM


Attendance was not taken due to the short notice of the meeting.


Minutes: Passed


President: No Report.


Vice President:  No Report.


Secretary: No Report.


Treasurer: No Report.


Equipment Supervisor: No Report.


Web page: No Report.


Publicity: No Report.


Concessions: No Report.


Advertising:  No Report.


Advisors: No Report.


Old Business: A conflict has occurred with showing The Passion of the Christ.  All 35mm prints of the film are being withheld for Easter weekend.  Swank did offer us the option of showing the DVD and still getting credit for contract requirements.  It was motioned that we show The Passion of the Christ in DVD format, with the same conditions as last motioned (IVCF covers costs, we provide staffing, we sell concession goods, the movie is shown for free).  The motion did not pass and the back-up movie for that weekend will be shown.


New Business:  It was motioned that the Film Board covers the cost and provides a projectionist for the orientation week movie (next semester).  The motion passed.  It was also brought to our attention that Family weekend will be Sept.30 and Oct. 1.  This issue was tabled for the next meeting.


Meeting Adjourned:  6:20 PM


Dutifully Submitted,

Susan Hallesy

Tuesday March 1st, 2005 7:10 PM