Film Board Minutes

Date:  October 18th, 2005


Meeting Started at: 6:05 P.M.


Unexcused Absences:  Ashley Ames, Sean O’Brien, Jeff Petcoff, Jeff Wolodkiewicz

Excused Absences: Fay Dearing, Ghandi Jagasia, Brandon Krieger, Aaron McPhall, Kevin Smith, Randy Thomas, Matt VanDyke


Minutes: Passed


President:  We are voting on movies in new business.


Vice President:  Keep working on requirements.  The requirement sheet is updated.  We will be accepting new members next week.  We will accept new members next week- due to there being an exam at our meeting time this week.


Secretary:  Email me if you will be absent from meeting- emails to the list are not be excused.


Treasurer:  We made $2000 last weekend.  There is $24,000+ in the bank currently.


Publicity:  All is well- a poster for Monsterball will be put up in Fisher this week.


Equipment Supervisor:  No report.


Web page:  No Report.


Advertising:  No Report


Concessions:  We’re all good- Craig will be picking up more oil in November.


Advisor:  No Report.


Old business:  None.


New business:  Keweenaw Pride sent a representative to our meeting to discuss using our projection equipment for a Halloween showing of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”.

A vote on new movies was taken.  The votes were as follows:  Swank:  Red Eye-13, War of the Worlds-8, 4 Brothers-5, Dukes of Hazzard-4, Hustle and Flow-3, Constant Gardiner-3; Criterion:  Star Wars Episode 3-9, Transporter 2-17, Flightplan- 6, Fantastic 4-4, Greatest Game Ever Played-2.


Meeting adjourned:  6:30 P.M.


Dutifully Submitted,

Susan Hallesy

Thursday October 19th, 2005 4:55PM