Film Board Minutes

Date:  January 31, 2006

Meeting Started at:  6:05 PM

Unexcused Absences: Jeff Petcoff

Excused Absences: Brad Korstage, Brandon Krieger

Minutes: Passed

President: USG money will consist of a couple thousand dollars or so.     

Vice President: Print your name clearly on the show sign-up sheet.   

Secretary: no report 

Treasurer: Made $1800 from last show.  New money organization seems to be working fine; let me know if people have problems with it.  

Equipment Supervisor: Out of tickets; motion accepted to order 50,000 tickets.  

Web page: updated; will work on putting Star Wars on the page.   

Publicity: ???   

Concessions: got pop/soda


Advertising: no report 

Advisors: Fisher 135 remodel is going to be only the chairs and floor.    

Old Business: Stereo: $1500 retail one can be found for $1000 online. It may also be purchased for $1500 from authorized pioneer retailer 'American' in Marquette.  Technical talk included words: CA output & RCA outputs.  Confusion expressed by filmboard members.  Bottom line: the purchase of this receiver will protect the card from burning.  Motion to purchase was accepted without decision on where it will be purchased.  After decision was made, it was brought up that it isn't a critical piece of equipment. ? Posters: The poster providers through swank will not ship directly to us.  Kyle brought up that it may end up being more work and effort for the little in money that we save. Tabled.

New Business: Winter Carnival movie: got licensing, but we are using Marks' Dvds.  Intermissions between movies (Star Wars Trilogy) for concessions? Clean up after entire trilogy is over.  The room is currently reserved for 5pm-2am.  Mark will reserve it for an hour earlier so it can be started at 5 (reserved for 4pm-2am).  Sound Complaints: Several sound complaints; decided that it is probably not a reflection of the equipment. Cotton Candy Rent out: The MTU preschool wants rent our cotton candy machine on Feb 25 in the Rozsa. Decided to pre-make 100 bags in the office and give it to them for free. Digital Sign: Mu Beta Psi asked about 'our' digital sign. Confirmed that is isn't ours, it is the newspapers'. Health code: We probably will be inspected.  Wash hands etc. Projectionists meet after meeting

Meeting Adjourned: 6:48 PM

Dutifully Submitted,

Dan Ehlke