Film Board Minutes

Date:  October 1st 2002


Meeting Started at: 6:02 P.M.


Unexcused Absences: Scott Elliott, William Murphy, and Tamara Ojanen

Excused Absences: Bryan Branch, Rhyan Hongisto, and Todd Northrup

29 members present


Minutes: Passed


President: There will be a job search seminar in Fisher 135 at 6:00 pm on Wednesday


Vice President: The requirements have been updated and the sign up sheet is going around.  Please check over your requirements to make sure you received credit for working shows and or cleanups.  The two new members that joined last week need to contact the vice president and learn about what protocols must be followed when working shows.


Secretary: No report


Treasurer: For “Insomnia”, we sold 431 tickets and made $ 294.00 in Concessions.
Film Board has still not received payment for the “freshmen take over Fisher or orientation week” events.  The treasurer will be going to USG to get some money.  The president said that he would contact someone about the money owed for the “freshmen take over Fisher” event.


Equipment Supervisor: The movie may be previewed tomorrow night at a later time due to the “Red Dragon” showing; Brian will email the list for what will be happening.


Web page: The web page has been updated and the times will be added to the movies.


Publicity: The new posters are in your mail slot in the Film Board office.


Concessions: No report


Advertising: For the slides, Film Board was charged $ 5.50 instead of the $ 3.50 Film Board was suppose to be charged; this amounts to a difference of $ 100.00 that the slide person overcharged Film Board for.  The slide person mistakenly said that the cost was more due to a fast turn around that Film Board had requested, which we did not.  The slide person has a bad attitude and will probably not receive any business from Film Board again.  Some slides were also left out of the order when they were sent to the slide person so those slides will not be made until next semester.


Advisors: No report


Old Business: New members Aline Martin and Andrew Bailey were questioned and then voted into Film Board.  An amendment was made to the member cap as follows in this motion; “Film Board should increase the member cap by two and reduce the work load for all Film Board members”.  The vice president will adjust the requirements accordingly.  Motion passes.




New Business: A motion is made and then passed to make it mandatory for every Film Board member to complete at least 1 Saturday night late show cleanup.  If the cleanup is not preformed this could result in the member losing movie privileges for not completing their requirements.

Next week everyone that has a T-shirt needs to wear it to the meeting so that group pictures can be taken.  The pictures will be placed on the web page.

For all of those who want T-shirts there are some left over so contact Missy and they will be handed out according to seniority.  More T-shirts might be made up in the future for any new members but as of now the design on the back will not be repeated and the shirts will not be made until Film Board starts making some profit.

If anyone wants to bring some music for the Film Board CD player, “you know if you want to spin things up, then bring it to the show” and depending upon the projectionists discretion they may or may not play it.


Meeting Adjourned: 6:35 pm


Dutifully Submitted,

Daniel J. Weir

Tuesday, October 1st, 2002 8:20 P.M.

P.S. A Red Dragon sounds really mean!