Film Board Minutes

Date:  September 5, 2006

Meeting Started at:  6:05 PM

Unexcused Absences: Ashley Ames, Matt Heyse, Russell Johnson, Greg Mooren, Randy Thomas

Excused Absences: Chris Sopczynski

Minutes: Passed

President: Computer: The office computer doesn't boot right, and it just goes black, so meet in the office after if you're good with computers.   

Vice President: Fill up the clipboard 

Secretary: sending around the membership list, correct your information  

Treasurer: The account balance is about $30,000; if film board owes you money, let Kyle know. 

Equipment Supervisor: Stolen equipment & Maintenance: Filmboard members have been working on getting all the equipment that was stolen back and working; speakers meeting dolby requirements, realigning the bulb etc. Our stereo and digital projector are still gone. Jeff P. offered to clean the projector to fix the focus problem. The DaVinci Code: One of the reels was sent to us broken, so a replacement is being sent.  

Web page: All good  

Publicity: Table Tents: need to be put out in dorms; DHH- Jon L. McNair- Esther J. Wads- Marc or Erica. This week put them out on Friday, not Thursday.  

Advertising: ???  

Advisors: If you need a key, fill out a card (from Dave Strong) and take it to public safety.   

Old Business: The Producers: Admission to 'The Producers' this past weekend was free, with free popcorn and pop due to the 35mm projector going in and out of focus.  There was a good turnout with about 110 people at the 8:30, and 50 or so for the 11:30.  

New Business: Locks: The locks on all the doors and some equipment have been replaced and are different from the general campus keys like before. They are about $30 a piece. Filled-in Window: The construction crews messed up and bricked up our ticket windows. Sliding metal windows were looked at, but nothing can be done until the aftershock café is finished, which will be 5-6 weeks.  Showcases: Our showcase was thrown away, so it was discussed whether it should be replaced with a similar showcase or LED marquee. There will be a vote through e-mail.  If there is a ¾ vote to get one, then that will be the one we get. AD Rates: The cost to put slides up as advertising was discussed, but ultimately tabled considering we don't have a projector. Some rates included: $4/ week, or (the old rate) $10 /month, and $5 /additional month. K-Day: booth; count the popcorn kernels; free pass if you count right.

Meeting Adjourned: 7:07

Dutifully Submitted,

Dan Ehlke