Film Board Minutes

Date:  September 16th, 2003


Meeting Started at: 6:05 P.M.


Unexcused Absences:  None.


Excused Absences:  Ryan Antkowiak, Pedro Lemmertz, Brian Mooren.


Minutes: Passed


President:  Dining with industry is coming soon if you want to go to that.  Tutors are needed at the Houghton Middle School if you have an interest in that sort of thing.  The Daily Bull contacted us about advertising; it’s kind of expensive though.  Term Lists should be going out soon lets get them on the webpage.  Family weekend is October 3rd, we’re showing Bruce Almighty and Bekki was wondering if we should show it for free.  There was a motion to show it for free, it was seconded and passed with 3 abstentions.  We have a potential new advisor, Travis.


Vice President:  Look at the sheet, if there is something wrong, talk to Greg.


Secretary: Still working on getting an updated membership list, after tonight, I should have one.


Treasurer:  For The Italian Job, we made $568.05 in concessions and sold 1,187 tickets.  We currently have $11,517.62 in out account.  The president and treasurer will take care of the financial matters with Swank.  It seems we’re supposed to split the profits if we exceed the cost of the money.  If there is any question about what to do with the money when you work a show, ask a projectionist, they’ll be glad to help.


Publicity:  We still need someone to sign up for passing out table tents in DHH.  Adam found a better way to display the publicity by using Photoshop.


Equipment Supervisor:  The new popcorn machine is running, still looking for a cart.  We are still using the rest of the butter sticks we have.  The popcorn machine beeps when to dump it.  If you need any help, a projectionist will be there to answer questions.


Web page:  The web page is updated.


Advertising:  Frank sent the template out and got 8 new slides back, keep the good ideas coming.


Concessions:  Scott ordered more stuff, gloves and garbage bags.  We are probably going to need more cotton candy bags, the ones that came with the machine are running out.  Scott will look into where we can get some more from.  If you’re bored, there is a list on the wall that shows all the stuff we can order.  We also may be getting our popcorn from Chicago, which is more reliable that what we currently use.


Advisor:  Dave was contacted from the maintenance staff about the floor scratches from the table.  To solve this problem, we should consider getting fold out tables.


Old business:  The term list will be emailed out this weekend.


New business:  There was a motion to give Craig and Chad each $40 for the wiring and other things to get the popcorn machine working.  The motion was seconded and passed.


Motion to adjourn, motioned passed. 


Meeting Adjourned: 6:45 pm


Dutifully Submitted,

John Jeske

Sunday September 21st 2003, 2:00 P.M.