Film Board Minutes

Date:September 9th, 2003


Meeting Started at: 6:05 P.M.


Unexcused Absences:None.


Excused Absences:Ryan Antkowiak, Nicole Carlson, Pedro Lemmertz, Alexander Struthers


Minutes: Passed


President:Bekki contacted Mary, our representative from Swank to talk about our contract with them.She got information on how much movies will cost if we decide to get one or two movies from a different company.Bekki would also like to thank those who volunteered for K-Day.


Vice President:Check the sheet to make sure Greg has all the shifts you worked recorded.Also, itís the projectionistís responsibility to make sure the sheet stays clean.


Secretary: Updated the membership list, still working on getting a complete list.

Treasurer:We have just over $9,000 in our account and are still waiting for the $2,500 deposit USG owes us.For The Matrix we sold $1,031 tickets and made $440.25 in concessions.


Publicity:We need people to sign up for spreading the publicity on our movies, so if you want a little added responsibility, you can sign up next week.


Equipment Supervisor:It would be nice to get some more gloves for the cotton candy, and some more popcorn and garbage bags.As for the popcorn machine, the plug is working all we need now is an extension cord.The parts should have been here already, but a shipping delay has postponed their arrival.We should think about whether or not a base would be needed, we currently have the popcorn machine sitting on a table.


Web page:The webpage is updated.Paul would like a membership list and a term list so he can take care of that section.One suggestion brought up was to put the meeting time on the homepage along with the room number in case someone was interested in becoming a member.


Advertising:If you have an idea for a slide, just email Frank your ideas in a PowerPoint presentation slide.Make sure itís not blue on black, it doesnít work.Frank said he can email a template in case you donít know where to start.


Concessions:We unexpectedly sold out of stuff last weekend.About $100 in pop is gone.Scott will get us stocked up as soon as he has a chance.

Advisor:Not present.

Old business:Resnet said they hooked our computer up automatically and the internet should be working.


New business:The meeting time is going to be 6:05 firm, the door shuts, so donít be late.There was some discussion on the requirements.Since a lot of people donít seem to get all the requirements in, they will be a primary thing for getting posters.Also, the idea of having the projectionists fill out requirements was brought up.Even though they get paid to work for 8 hours, maybe they should have some reduced requirements.Three new members should up and were interviewed.There was a motion to accept these new members.The motion was seconded and passed with 3 abstentions.Attendance is important make sure you can make the meetings.


Motion to adjourn, motioned passed.


Meeting Adjourned: 6:55 pm


Dutifully Submitted,

John Jeske

Sunday September 21st 2003, 2:00 P.M.