Film Board Minutes



Meeting Started at:  6:05 PM


Unexcused Absences:  Colin Brandt, Keith Grzegorczyk, April Heinen, Bethany Heykoop, Matt Heyse, Jeff Petcoff, Tara Smith


Excused Absences:  Steve Dodge, Jack McCaffery, Matt McQueen, Jeff O’Brien, Kevin Smith, Lisa Welling.


Minutes: Passed



No Report.


Vice President:

Keep working on requirements.



The membership list was updated and put in the office.  Also, starting this week unexcused absences will not be granted unless you personally speak to me or email me prior to Tuesday meetings.



No Report.


Equipment Supervisor:

Keep the upstairs clean.  Projectionists are needed for Thursday.


Web page:       

The web page has been updated.



Table tents were not done yet.



More oil for the popcorn machine has been ordered.



No Report.



No Report.


Old Business:  No old business to report.


New Business:  Nikki is taking over the publicity position with the help of Mark Cruth.  Mark will take over the position next fall.  A new member, Mobin Anandwala, was voted into membership.  The lens for the new LCD projector has not come in yet.  If you signed up to put posters up around campus, please remember to do so.


Meeting Adjourned:  6:25 PM


Dutifully Submitted,

Susan Hallesy

Saturday April 2nd, 2005 4:30 PM