Film Board Minutes

Date: March 27 2007

Meeting Started at:  6:05 PM

Unexcused Absences: Fay Dearing, Brandon Krieger

Excused Absences: Kyle Done, Austin Kuzmic, Aaron McPhall, Joe Niewendorp,

Minutes: Passed


President: You could win $50 to come up with next years’ Winter Carnival theme.  International Night is April 7th.  Talked to preview theatre; sent them our numbers, and they sent us ‘Hot Fuzz’ posters.                    


Vice President:  Sign up for shows


Secretary: no report


Treasurer: ? ? ?               


Equipment Supervisor: Upstairs: Worked all Sunday; still needs to be cleaned. Need to buy stuff to make it look nice. Paint ceiling black, vacuum. Our blue chair got stolen.  Nicki might have an extra.? If anyone wants to help, we will be cleaning after the meeting.         


Web page: no report


Publicity: no report           


Concessions: picked up containers of flavor


Advertising: Didn’t get slides up on Friday; Groups will be reimbursed. They were up early Saturday.



Old Business: Blockbuster: Should we have Ghost Rider be the blockbuster, and a secret (don’t include on website). Ticket Windows: Meeting tomorrow about Matts ticket window design; will e-mail list about outcome. Spring Fling: If we participate, we need to register soon with $20. It’s on April 20th and the theme is Carnival games. We could do the popcorn kernel count again. Noone seemed interested in manning the table.  Spring Social: Required 9 shows and 2 cleanups. Vote outcome: April 22nd at the Ambassador. Nicci will contact them. Time and $amount has yet to be determined. A menu will be sent out. Double Feature: Talked to Criterion; Notes on a Scandal & Epic Movie are on cassette. They are full price because of the release date. SLS can only do stereo; 2 channel set up, one night- $100. Sound quality might be fine. Changing our contract for next year from 10 to 6 was discussed. Move to do Epic Movie on Dreamgirls weekend as a Matinee, and charge with no popcorn on Sunday. Passed. Sitcom Premiere: Kyle Thorntons sitcom will premiere on the weekend of ‘History Boys’ and is 22 minutes long. Move to sitcom at the end of History Boys. Passed. Vaccuum: The new vacuum was missing a part when it was put together. It might have been thrown away.

New Business: Health Inspection: There will be a health inspection on April 4th. Wear hairnets.  ASCE Conference: ASCE civil engineers are coming up here for a conference and wanted to attend our movies without IDs.  We will make a special exception ;-)

Meeting Adjourned: 7:58


Dutifully Submitted,

Dan Ehlke