Film Board Minutes

Date:  December 12, 2006

Meeting Started at:  6:05 PM

Unexcused Absences:

Excused Absences: Brad Korstange, Chris Sopczynski, Aaron Mcphall

Minutes: Passed




Vice President: You need 8 shows if you want posters.


Secretary: no report


Treasurer: If I owe you money contact me.


Equipment Supervisor: no report

Web page: no report

Publicity: some posters aren’t in yet; will talk after meeting. Table tents are done.

Concessions: everything stocked

Advertising:  no report

Advisors: N/A


Old Business: SFES Movie: They want to show ‘The Girl in the Café’ during our fri/Saturday spot. If not possible, they will explore different options. Movie is available through Swank. Filling requirements is a point that must be considered. A motion was made and accepted to decline showing ‘The Girl in the Café’ on a Friday/Saturday night showing but leave the possibility for a matinee showing. Ticket Window: Mark met with Mike Wilmers. He can do the ‘pull-down’ metal windows if he can get enough money ($7000/window). He thinks he can get the money; will look over break. Display cases will be going up Friday. Shop Vac: The Craftsman isn’t very nice. A brand name vacuum would be nice. Replacement motors for the old one are $50. Menards was the closest place that offers that replacement (Marquette). Look downstate? The equivalent of our old vac is $200. Motion to purchase a vacuum as good as old one (feature wise, and quality).ShopVac’ is the better brand. Winter Carnival Movie: We are booked for Carni. Thursday? Duck Tales won by a vote.


New Business: International Film Festival: Representative couldn’t attend meeting; wants to show movie the last Sunday of January (afternoon). They have a DVD and will pay for the rights early. Mark will check out the price (around $450 most likely). Will vote on the first week after break. IVCF Movie: Inter-Varcity Christian Fellowship would like to show ‘Invisible Child’ through us on Jan. 26th & 27th . Move to not let people show movies on out fri/sat spot. We could add this to our constitution as a by-law. Odds and Ends: Don’t have keys for 135 yet. Ramps on the side door? Light extension cod. Network card. Mark will donate; fix. First Aid Kit. Motion to purchase a first aid kit with resuscitation mask included passed. Sound Equipment: 2 VSX 80s wire up sound equipment to run DVDs. The viewing room will be back. Motion to purchase if it stays within budget of reimbursement and supplies. Motion to give Dave Strong a $50 gift certificate to Pligrim River as a thanks passed.

Poster Handout! J


Meeting Adjourned:

Dutifully Submitted,

Dan Ehlke