Film Board Minutes

Date:  March 11th 2003


Meeting Started at:  6:02 P.M. 


Unexcused Absences:  Rhyan Hongisto, Stephanie Marolt, Jeffrey Wolodkiewicz


Excused Absences:  Matt Heyse, Craig Morehouse, Robert Solomon, Karla Brudi


Minutes:  Passed


President:  Our meeting room has been reserved for next year.  Our annual budget needs to be drawn up and looked over.  The treasurer will be the main consultant in this ordeal, and those interested can come if they want.


Vice President:  Everything has been updated.


Secretary:  Updated the mailing list for our new member.


Treasurer:  For The Ring, we sold 648 tickets, making a combined total with concessions of $1,752.  Our funds currently run from about $7,500-8,000.  For this movie, we actually made more then we spent on it.


Equipment Supervisor:  The movies not in, should be shown at 8 on Wednesday.  As for the Filmboard’s computer, the hard drive has been taken out, but we need a CD drive to reinstall everything back on it.  Scott said he could bring one to help in this process.  This week we have received a box of trailers for our upcoming movies.  For the movie Catch Me If You Can, the times will be extended, 5:30, 8:30, and 11:30, as well as for Die Another Day.


Web page:  The website is updated.


Publicity:  We need to put table tents out for Tuesday and Wednesday this week.  There are term lists out, so take a few and post them.


Concessions:  If anyone has problems with the new popcorn, let Pedro know.  Also, we should get cheese stuff for the popcorn and/or other toppings.  For all your popcorn needs, carries various flavored toppings.  There was discussion on which company we should get popcorn from, RAS, who we got from before, or Gibson.  RAS could possibly be cheaper, and they also deliver big bags directly to the MUB.  This is just something to consider when ordering more concessions.


Advertising:  Having computer problems, can’t email information out.  Possible use a co-chair, someone with a working computer.  All that is required is to make slides, respond, send attachments, not an extreme amount of work, but needs to get done.


Advisors:  No Report.


Old Business:  None.


New Business:  There was a motion to nominate Frank as a co-chair for advertising, it seconded and passed.  We need to post our publicity in the spots chosen for our flyers and table tents.  We need to get the word out on which movie we are showing.  Flyers need to be put on the bulletin boards in the MEEM, as well as for the EERC.  When posting in the EERC, you need to get permission.  New people were assigned to various buildings to put up the flyers and distribute the table tents.


Meeting Adjourned:  6:21


Dutifully Submitted,

John Jeske

Sunday March 16th 2003, 3:30 P.M.