Film Board Minutes

Date:  February 14, 2006

Meeting Started at:  6:05 PM

Unexcused Absences: Ashley Ames, Matt Heyse, Austin Kuzmic, Michael Lennon, Aaron Mcphall, Kevin Smith

Excused Absences: Travis Horrocks, Brandon Krieger, Joe Niewendorp, Randy Thomas

Minutes: Passed

President: Cotton Candy: Volunteers for cotton candy are still needed for the weekend of Feb 24 and 25.  

Vice President: It's the 6th week; people should be about halfway done with their show requirement. 

Secretary: no report  

Treasurer: We made $900 at our last show.  Wells Fargo called about film board being able to gain interest on our account.    

Equipment Supervisor: Receiver:  The $1300 receiver needs to be paid for by either a check or credit card.  It appeared that paying by check was favored.  Tickets: Still haven't gotten the quote for buying more tickets.

Web page: Times: Wrong times posted on site?  It will be fixed.

Publicity: table tents: volunteers needed to put out table tents in the residence halls and MUB.  

Concessions: Haven't had a chance to see what we need


Advertising: SLIDES: EVERYBODY take some time and make a few slides and e-mail them to Heyse. You can do trivia, facts etc.  

Advisors: no report   

Old Business: Posters: A motion to not get posters somewhere other than through swank or criterion was finally passed after a discussion.  

New Business: The Passion: On Tuesday, April 11 the Interchristian Council wants to play “The Passion of the Christ”.  They will pay for everything, i.e. rights, projector.  They will be told they need to clean up as well. Motion accepted to allow them to play the movie. EXTREME clean-ups : Saturday night clean-ups need to be more thorough, regardless of their extreme nature.

Meeting Adjourned: 6:30 pm

Dutifully Submitted,

Dan Ehlke