Film Board Minutes

Date:  September 25, 2007

Meeting Started at:  6:05 PM


Unexcused Absences: Fay Dearing

Excused Absences: Matt Bengry

Minutes: Passed


President: Winning Movies: Oct 12-13: Ratatouille, Oct 19-20: Transformers, Oct 26-27 Harry Potter, Nov 2-3: Superbad (promotional stuff from Jon?).  For ‘Transformers’, the tickets will be the raffle.


Vice President: Requirements: soon        


Secretary: No report


Treasurer: Spiderman III didn’t do that well.  Transaction Form: Form created and displayed. Make sure to staple receipt to form.  Look into making it smaller?  Half-page maybe?


Equipment Supervisor:


Web page: update membership list? Wait until after new members are brought in.


Publicity: ?            


Concessions: might be able to get publicity materials through the Lode.


Advertising:  Our projecting capabilities for Ads is wider. J saweet.


Advisors: Went to Advisors workshop      


Old Business:  Open House Movie Passes: working with admissions; pass shown.  Collect these tickets as a $2 voucher.  Evan Almighty: show up at 8:00, if working. K-C will probably do a spiel before the movie, so projectionists should be prepared to start at 8:40 or so? K-C members will have access to the upstairs. Clicker/ stamp. 465 people max. Chair: Seen in Hancock.  If someone has a truck, go pick it up.  Get a new one from Salvation Army? Swank Trip: Think about it; send Reps. Outdoor Movie: Got forms; still need to talk to some people. Bridge Run: We sent things for free popcorn.  Not really sure how it went. “free popcorn” coupon shown. 


New Business: Free tickets bulk printing: It would be cheap to make a bunch of “free movie” tickets so we don’t have to keep printing new ones every time we need them. 11 x 17 business cards. 1,000 B/W is $10 & color is $50. Talk next Tuesday. Equipment Committee: New computer? Will meet in the next week to discuss. Preview Disc: Will be showing for free stuff.  New Members Reviewed: Joe Heyse, James Diem, Ali Sheldon, Shannon Tawomey, & Andrew Heikkiren.


Meeting Adjourned:


Dutifully Submitted,

Dan Ehlke