Film Board Minutes

Date:  September 14th, 2004


Meeting Started at: 6:05 P.M.


Unexcused Absences:  Russell Johnson


Excused Absences:  Frank Hahnenberg


Minutes: Passed


President:  The Dolby Digital banner went missing, if anyone knows where it is, please let Matt know.  He was looking into possibly getting a new one, maybe one that says “MTU Filmboard.”


Vice President:  Greg has the sheet updated; check it to make sure your movies are recorded.


Secretary:  Nothing to report.


Treasurer:  We sold 593 tickets for Harry Potter 3 and made $185 in concessions.


Publicity:  Those who volunteer to distribute table tents should actually do it.  There has been some problems getting the table tents out there, let’s work on it and get it right.


Equipment Supervisor:  The slide projector is working once again.  There is a problem with the projector, it flickers a lot.  Adam might be able to solve this problem for a mere $150, he’ll look into it.  We should have enough projectionists in training to get through the semester.


Web page:  Webpage is updated with 5:30, 8:30, and 11:30 times.  Some people asked if the actual popcorn amount could be posted on the website, as soon as Matt figures it out, I’m sure he’ll get it out to Paul.


Advertising: Any slide ideas should go to Lisa.  Also T-shirt ideas should be sent to Lisa, try to keep it under three colors.


Concessions:  Good to go.


Advisor:  Nothing to report. 


Old business:  Constitution ideas were presented, think about what changes you would like to see and we’ll vote next week.


New business:  Due to budget cuts we only have enough USG money for three movies (orientation, family weekend, and most likely the blockbuster).  Scott did up a new form for tickets and concessions, if you have any questions/concerns you can email him.  There were four returning new members from last week that were voted in this week:  Susan Hallesy (, Nikki Pietrzak (, Tara Smith (, and Keith Grzegorezyk (


Meeting Adjourned:  6:50 P.M.


Dutifully Submitted,

John Jeske

Tuesday September 14th, 2004 11:55 P.M.