Film Board Minutes

Date:  October 22nd 2002


Meeting Started at: 6:00 P.M.


Unexcused Absences: Andrew Bailey, Adam Giacobazzi, Ian Jeffrey, Matt McQueen

Excused Absences: Karla Brudi, Wayne Johnson, Paul Lefief, William Murphy, Melissa Schloop, David J. Subert, and Lisa Welling

26 members present


Minutes: Passed


President: Last week I turned in an incomplete list to the Student Organizations office.  Now I will pass around the room a list, which each Film Board member must fill in their name and student number.


Vice President: The sign up sheet is going around the room and if you know about anyone that may want to work this weekend that is not here you may go ahead and put them in a time slot.  There are open slots on the list for this weekends movie, so if you would like to work please contact Brian Mooren.


Secretary: If you are going to be absent from a meeting please contact the secretary and inform them of your absence.  Please do not mail or Spam the entire Film Board list, thank you.


Treasurer: For “Mr. Deeds”, we sold 603 tickets that amounts to $ 1,206.00 and made $ 350.00 in Concessions. 

The money for “freshmen take over Fisher” and the “orientation week” events has now been received but Film Board is now waiting on money from Campus Connections.


Equipment Supervisor: The movie “K-19 The Widow Maker” will be shown around 8:15 or 8:30 on Wednesday night.

Business about the new screen – Before a new screen could be ordered Brian will have to get a ladder after hours from facilities in order to look at the current suspension system.  Then if a new screen arrives, Film Board will need some place to store it until a way can be found to switch it with the old screen.


Web page: The web page has been updated.


Publicity: Publicity was dropped off before the meeting and Film Board now has a spot for the poster, in the display case by the MUB.


Concessions: No report.


Advertising: The cell phone signs will be ready by Fridays show and the AIDS task force has come into some money so they may be paying Film Board soon.


Advisors: Not present.


New member: A new member Ewe Wei Saw is here to be interviewed.  A motion was made by Alex and then 2nd by Russ to accept Ewe Wei Saw into Film Board; motion passes.


Old Business: No old business


New Business: V.I.P. – There were about 45 V.I.P. passes at the movie last weekend, the passes were part of the MTU open house in which prospective students visited the campus and were then catered to free events.  One of those events allowed them to 1 free showing of the movie that was playing in Fisher 135.  Film Board allowed these visitors admission even though we have not in the past, in order to keep good public relations for our organization and the university as a whole.  What is imperative is that Film Board must find out who distributed these passes (possibly Resident Life) and then track down the source in order to find out if we can be reimbursed for the passes we accepted and why no one informed Film Board that this event was taking place; we do not want members next year to deal with this problem again.  Had Film Board been informed about this event the correct movie could have been publicized for the MTU visitors and Film Board could have perhaps even made some perspective students more interested in coming to MTU.  Sometimes it is good to ask.


Meeting Adjourned: 6:25 pm


Dutifully Submitted,

Daniel J. Weir

Tuesday October 22nd, 2002, 8:07 P.M.


P.S. If you ever notice a mistake in the minutes that you believe deserves recognition, please inform me via email and the so-called error(s) will be corrected.