Film Board Minutes

Date:  October 8th 2002


Meeting Started at: 6:03 P.M.


Unexcused Absences: Stephanie Marolt

Excused Absences: Ryan Antkowiak, Pedro L. Lemmertz, and David J. Subert

33 members present


Minutes: Passed


President: No report.


Vice President: The requirements can be lowered by 1 show due to the increased membership but the required amount of cleanups will stay the same.


Secretary: The new members have been added to the email list and a new fall Film Board membership list was sent to the list.


Treasurer: For “The Boerne Identity”, we sold 603 tickets that amounts to $ 1206.00 and made $ 322.00 in Concessions.  For “Red Dragon” $ 160.85 was made in concessions.  Whoopee!!!

Equipment Supervisor: The movie is here and it will probably be put together sometime during the day.  I cannot make it to the normal 8:00pm showing so unless another projectionist wants to do the showing, it will take place when I get done around 9:00pm.

Last week there was a bit of trouble with the print so the movie had to be sent back and another copy needed to be shipped; this is why Film Board previews the movie before it is shown to the public.


Web page: The web page has been updated for this weekend and some pictures will be added to it soon; also still working on some glitches with the term list page.


Publicity: The term list will be made up this weekend.


Concessions: No report


Advertising: Got in contact with the AIDS task force, Film Board basically showed their ad for free last semester but they will pay Film Board appropriately in the future.


Advisors: Saw the show this weekend and it looked ok but there were about six cell phones that went off and some of the slides were also hard to read.


Old Business: The dark slides that are hard to read are being reviewed by advertising. Publicity should check in the MUB office about a poster being placed in the outside marquee were they were put last here, if they cannot be placed in the marquee then perhaps they may be hung somewhere else in the MUB.  If they can no longer be placed in or by the MUB then Film Board should only order one poster in the future since we don’t want to order posters that we don’t use.

All the left over t-shirts were handed out to new members and for those 4 new members who did not receive a t-shirt please contact Missy Benson and tell her what color shirt you want (green/gray) and the appropriate size you want.

Some members of Film Board have acquired some trailers for the movies that will be shown in the future, good job.  Yeoman!


New Business: Last weekend on Friday enough cell phones went off during the movie that Film Board believes it is necessary to create a sign that could be placed between the doors and or ticket widows.  This sign should inform the patrons that there cell phone/pager should be turned off or placed on vibrate mode for the duration of the film.  It was also suggested that perhaps a trailer could be found somewhere that informs the patrons about not using there cell phones and how it really ruins the movie for people who actually came to watch it.

Comments were made about the “Red Dragon” movie and if it will be possible in the future to get any more promotional movies.  The way it works is that a company has the Film Board name on a list and if a sponsor is found for a movie they will contact Film Board and ask if the movie could be shown at MTU.  Film Board has done 3 promotional movies in the last six months so if they call, the movie will most likely be shown.



Meeting Adjourned: 6:25 pm


Dutifully Submitted,

Daniel J. Weir

Wednesday October 9th, 2002 1:25 P.M.

P.S. I apologize for the lateness of these minutes “but I am in, sort of a rush”!