Film Board Minutes

Date:  February 21, 2006

Meeting Started at:  6:05 PM

Unexcused Absences: Matt Bengry, Brandon Krieger, Greg Mooren, Kevin Smith

Excused Absences: Jeff O'Brien, Chris Sopczynski

Minutes: Passed

President: no report   

Vice President: Everyone should be halfway through their requirements. The requirement for extreme clean-ups is 1-2. 

Secretary: remember to e-mail me even if it is after the meeting if you will be absent.  

Treasurer: Business CD: 4.5% interest rate; we should seriously look into this, but be cautious.  People will look into it.    

Equipment Supervisor: ???  

Web page: No report  

Publicity: Everything is fine. We don't have the poster for 'Ringer' yet.  

Concessions: ???

Advertising: People need to send slides!  Someone left some pop in Fisher.  It is sitting in the office if anyone wants some.   

Advisors: Travis Pierce will not be an advisor after this semester.  We need to begin looking into finding a replacement.      

Old Business: Cotton Candy: This weekend we need to make 200 bags of one flavor of cotton candy.  We will be making it Friday and go from there.  Next 3 Movies: We will be voting on the next 3 movies.  Pick off swank; there will be a list sent out sometime. The Passion: ICC is using us to play 'The Passion of the Christ'; they're pretty much all set with reservations and such.  'The Matrix' may be played by us???

New Business: Need New Members: If people want to bring in friends to become members, that would be good.  The idea of possibly getting some $5 pizzas for promotion was brought up. Show Shifts: A motion was accepted to have people working the first show of every Friday and Saturday show up 45 minutes before the show starts.  Initial set-up takes a bit longer than the other two shows.  People need to check with the projectionist if they want to leave early.  Free Advertising:  Jeff P. brought up the idea of letting student orgs advertise through us for free. Right now the fees are $10/slide, $15 to keep it up, and $50 for an entire term.  We do have to consider the bulb life and gaining compensation for that.  Running free ads will burn out our bulb faster. If we do decide to, this will go into effect next year. Social: We need to start looking into social.  Movie Length: Posting movie lengths on the website, and sheet will take effect so that clean-ups and show working can be better coordinated.

Meeting Adjourned: 6:25pm

Dutifully Submitted, Dan Ehlke