Film Board Minutes

Date: December 4, 2007

Meeting Started at: 6:05 PM


Unexcused Absences: Matt Bengry, Megan Gayestki, Chris Sopczynski, Kyle Thornton

Excused Absences: Ken Link, Austin Kuzmic, Shannon Twomey, Matthew VanDyke



President: Officers not returning to their same positions next semester; turn in your binders. Payment will be held until binders are turned in.

Vice President: Each member must have 9 shows done in order to attend social. All shows must be completed or signed up for to receive posters.

Secretary: No Report

Treasurer: 'Borne Ultimatum' made approx. $1700. Criterion needs to bill us.

Equipment Supervisor: No report.

Web page: Updated. Will be removing phone numbers for all members except officers.

Publicity: No Report. We received 'The Muppet Christmas Carol' posters.

Concessions: No Report

Advertising: No Report

Advisors: No Report



Judicial Revised constitution will be presented next semester.

Movie Came up with suggestions for next semester's movies that will be voted on today. It is suggested that we not vote for Beowulf or Bee Movie as both will be available for later in the semester.

Equipment No Report.


Old Business:

Social Can't bring outside food to theater. Talk of going to go see 'The Golden Compass' at the Copper 5 instead of 'Hitman' at the Lode for social. Copper 5 would be $6.50 per ticket. Motion: Go see 'The Golden Compass' instead of 'Hitman.' One for and seven against. Motion fails. Motion: Go see both 'The Golden Compass' and 'Hitman.' Fourteen for and one against. Motion passes. Motion: To go see 'The Golden Compass' at the 3:05 PM show at the Copper 5 and the 5:20 PM 'Hitman' at the Lode. Fourteen for and one against. Motion passes.

Posters Will be receiving them next week. Get your requirements done!

Outdoor Movie Screen - Kyle needs help with the USG application to receive funds for the outdoor movie screen.


New Business:

l        APO is put off until February.

l        MTU Democrats wishes to show the 'Walmart: High cost of low prices' movie. Motion: If they abide by our contracts and pay beforehand we'd be willing to show the film for them. Passed with verbal vote.


Movie Vote:

Possible Movies - Across the Universe, Why Did I Get Married, The Assassination of Jesse James, Dan in Real Life, 30 Days of Night, We Own the Night, P2, Beowulf, Bee Movie, The Mist, The Darjeeling Limited, Hitman

Winners - The Assassination of Jesse James, Dan in Real Life, The Darjeeling Limited, We Own the Night, and Hitman (however as we can only have one film from Criterion and none of the films stretch into the fifth week of school, The Darjeeling Limited was dropped to be replaced by 30 Days of Night.)


Meeting Adjourned: 6:53 pm


Minutes submitted by Fay Dearing