Film Board Minutes

Date:  November 12th 2002


Meeting Started at: 6:00 P.M.


Unexcused Absences: Andrew Bailey

Excused Absences: Missy Benson, Bryan Branch, Russel Johnson, Mark Jenstad, Paul Lefief, and Tamara Ojanen

31 members present


Minutes: Passed


President: Nothing to report, but everyone please come to the meeting next week since Film Board will be selecting the movies for the first 7 weeks of the winter term and maybe the Winter Carnival movie too.


Vice President: Went to the Ming Buffet and they said that there will be no deals for groups; the buffet will cost $9.99/per person.  Requirements are also updated.


Secretary: If you are going to be absent from a meeting please contact the secretary and inform him of your absence.


Treasurer: For “Signs”, we sold 783 tickets that amounts to $ 1,566.00 and made $ 460.00 in Concessions.


Equipment Supervisor: The movie “Reign of Fire” will probably be previewed around 8:00 pm on Wednesday night.  Hey Folks - I can't make the meeting tonight, so I'll grace your
inboxes with my report. Last week, I hauled Louie up to Fisher 135 to have him
give us an estimate for the new screen hanging. We went into the ceiling and inspected the setup, and he thought it could be done by two people from facilities in a pretty short amount of time (8 hours MAX, which is about $450 billed to us). HOWEVER, I called our people at ICECO for advice, and found out that we can still get a screen like the one
we have now, which means we don't have to go through all that mumbo jumbo to hang one with a dust cover. So, I have ordered the screen, which is a Draper Evenroll (should look identical to the one we have now). It should be here in a couple of weeks.  The other good news is that it is much cheaper. The screen quote is $2075, with about $130 for shipping.
That's at least a thousand dollars cheaper than we expected. This screen should be much easier to hang, with the aid of a few ladders or some scaffolding. We may still need a couple hours from facilities, but not much.  Also, Louie helped fix our existing screen a little, so
we can now roll it all the way up to the support board.  This keeps it straighter and out of the way for classes. Knowing how this was done should extend the useful life of our new screen, too. (There was a problem with how the ropes were wound on to the spool, which prevented us from fully lifting the screen) Ok, I'm done.  Bryan


Web page: The web page has been updated.


Publicity: No report


Concessions: The popcorn oil I ordered is in and should last to near the end of the year (in the spring).  I also ordered more popcorn for this weekend.


Advertising: No report.


Advisors: No report.


Old Business: Next week Film Board will be selecting the first 7 movies for the winter term.  A motion has been made and seconded to show a movie during Winter Carnival Thursday night, motion passes.  For the Winter Carnival movie Film Board usually does not charge admission.  A motion has been made and then seconded to select the movie for Winter Carnival from the page; motion passes with two members who voted nay.  A motion has been made and then seconded to select the movie “Half Baked” for the Winter Carnival movie, 5 votes for and the rest against, motion fails.  A motion has been made to table the choice of the movie for Winter Carnival until a further date; motion passes.


New Business: Film Board needs to begin thinking about new officers for the winter term; anyone can go for a position that has been in Film Board for at least 1 semester.  Nominations will be open up to and including 15th week, at which time Film Board will vote in the new officers; new officers will start there positions 5th week of the winter term.


Following is a short description of each position, for anyone truly interested in holding one of these positions please contact the current person holding that position and they will tell you what the job and responsibilities entail.


President - Josh Gearhart, running the Film Board meetings, setting up meetings with other groups, reserving the meeting room and Fisher 135 for the shows, ordering movies, and etc.


Vice President – Brian Mooren, keep track of and update requirements, hold socials, membership drives, show new members how to work the shows, and etc.


Secretary – Daniel Weir, takes notes at the meeting of the minutes that then need to be typed up and sent out to the filmboard-l list, update the filmboard-l mailing list, take attendance, make a membership list and distribute it to the list, and etc.


Treasurer – Luke Hasemeier, keep track of the money that must be counted each weekend, pay the appropriate people who need to get paid, and etc.


Equipment Supervisor – Brian Branch, pick up the movies, drop off the movies, put the movies together, take the movies apart, keep track of equipment, train projectionists, and etc.


Concessions – Mark Jenstad, order supplies, drives and get supplies, keep track of inventory, and etc.


Advertising – Missy Benson and Becky Jankoviak, keep track of the slides, contact organizations past and present about advertising with Film Board, collect money from organizations that have done business with Film Board, and etc.


Publicity – Karla Brudi, each week make up a design for the table tents/fliers, take that template to the print shop where copies will be made, and then bring the promotion to the meeting each week for distribution.  Put up posters in front of Fisher 135 and the MUB; make up term lists, and etc.


Web page – Paul Lefief, update the web page each week, change the design if you wish, add cool stuff to it, and etc.


This Sunday at 6:00 pm is the Film Board social at the Ming Buffet behind Blockbuster video, if anyone needs a ride I believe some members will be meeting at about 5:50 pm in the Fisher parking lot.


Motion made to adjourn and then seconded, motion passes.


Meeting Adjourned: 6:35 pm


Dutifully Submitted,

Daniel J. Weir

Tuesday November 12th, 2002, 7:50 P.M.