Film Board Minutes

Date:October 11, 2007

Meeting Started at:6:05 PM


Unexcused Absences: Fay Dearing, Jon Lefevre,

Excused Absences: Megan Gayetski, Kyle Thornton, Shannon Twomey

Minutes: Passed




Vice President:Show requirement is at 13 as of now and 4 cleanups (1 extreme) †††


Secretary: New members; let me know if youíre not on the e-mail list.Membership list is updated; will e-mail out again.


Treasurer: Oceans 13 did very well.I have checks for people.


Equipment Supervisor:


Web page: Iíll have new membership list up.


Publicity: ††††††††††††††




Advertising: Slides were reviewed by Film Board.They were mostly trivia or funny images.




Old Business: K-C Film: Pictures from the event were shown.  Kleenex & candy was given out.  300 or 325 people attended.  Very good turnout.  Kimberly Clark was impressed. Swank Trip: Petcoff will not be heading this up anymore.  We did this sort of thing in the past. Mark will call Swank and Criterion about this. Outdoor Film: Itís getting late in the semester (getting colder) and we still need to finish the light table.  Try to do it at spring fling? We could try to tie in with the theme for spring fling?  Itís the general attitude that we push for next semester, and still continue to pursue SLS and MUB Board.  Committees: Judicial stay after for meeting. Movie Committee will be e-mailed in 3 weeks or so.  

New Business: Print Tickets: Tickets, printed in bulk, are around $9 for 1000 in B/W. Motion to, if design is approved, buy these with a max of $50. passed (19:1) Transformers: Discussion on what to give out as prizes, and when.  Original version?  Give out at one show? (lateshow).  Austin: Posters are only $5 a piece. Currently we get 2 per film we show. Motion to get 3 instead of 2 for each show. Passed (12:7). We should do some research on how much money is being made/lost on candy.  It was clarified that usually we make a buck or so off each box of candy (not really profit).  Think about raising prices of tickets.  

Meeting Adjourned: 6:53pm


Dutifully Submitted,

Dan Ehlke