Film Board Minutes

Date:  1-10-06

Meeting Started at:  6:05 PM

Unexcused Absences: Mobin Anandwala, Tony Fontana, Aaron McPhall, Craig Morehouse

Excused Absences: Ashley Ames, Fay Dearing, Ghandi Jagasia, Brandon Krieger

Minutes: Passed

President: If there are any specific movies anyone wants on the list to vote on next week, e-mail Mark.   Think about Winter Carnival movies this week, and we will decide at the next meeting. 'Ice Age' and 'South Park' were brought up.   

Vice President:  No Report

Secretary: No report 

Treasurer: There is $25,115.38 in the bank.  

Equipment Supervisor: No report 

Web page: No report  

Publicity: No report


Concessions: Needs a key.

Advertising: Matt needs more slides to play before movies this semester; e-mail 

Advisors: No Report   

Old Business: The times were fixed on website: 6, 8:30, & 11. Only 3 people are needed for each show, and 1 person for the extreme clean-up.  If a movie is more than 120 minutes, then the showtimes are 5:30, 8:30, & 11:30.  If a movie is less than 120 minutes, then the showtimes are 6, 8:30, & 11.

New Business: Showing 'Like Water For Chocolate' on Jan 22nd.   Randy will project.  Accepting new members applications.  Contacting Fisher facilities was brought up to do something about the door in the room across from 135, that we use to take out the garbage.

Meeting Adjourned: 6:20 PM

Dutifully Submitted,

Dan Ehlke