Film Board Minutes

Date:  March 21, 2006

Meeting Started at:  6:05 PM

Unexcused Absences: Fay Dearing, Matt Heyse, Jon Lefevre, Greg Mooren, Nicole Pietrzak

Excused Absences: Erica Akehurst, Ashley Ames, Brandon Krieger, Austin Kuzmic, Randy Thomas

Minutes: Passed

President: no report    

Vice President: Requirement: The required number of shows members must work has been bumped up to 13 shows, with the exception of new members whom will be required to work 4 shows.  

Secretary: no report  

Treasurer: Last show made almost $1300.  Chris S. said there needs to be $10 bill up in the safe.  If you projected for a student org, you should let Kyle know, so he can write you a check.  

Equipment Supervisor: Tickets: We received reels of tickets; they will be sending a bill.  

Web page: All good   

Publicity: ???  

Concessions: I need a few people to help move stock around after the meeting.  Water bottle trays were used to keep the pop off the floor as a temporary fix.


Advertising: ??? 

Advisors: no report   

Old Business: Spring Fling Last week we voted on not doing the free movie outside for spring fling, but now MUB Board e-mailed us to explore the possibility of a free movie (rights paid by MUB Board), in Fisher 135 and have us give out free popcorn.  There was a general negative attitude towards the free popcorn because of the chaos that accompanies free stuff.  MUB Board will be e-mailed back with the terms that we not give free popcorn.  

New Business: Pop/Oil- Pop and oil must be off the floor-> health inspector.  Ideas or designs for a shelving mechanism so that the pop can be rotated (old pop used first), will be accepted by Mark.  He will be giving out a prize to the person who has the best/ winning design.  Social: Ideas and dates were nominated and voted on for our semester social.  The Ambassador (8 votes) on April 9th won the most votes.  Everyone is required to work 9 shows, and 3 clean-ups by then in order to take part in the Social.  This excludes the new members whom will only have to do 3 shows.

Meeting Adjourned: 6:35

Dutifully Submitted,

Dan Ehlke