Film Board Minutes

Date:  November 5th 2002


Meeting Started at: 6:04 P.M.


Unexcused Absences: Andrew Bailey

Excused Absences: John Jeske, Stephanie Marolt, Matt Heyse, Rhyan Hongisto, and Brian Mooren

32 members present


Minutes: Passed


President: I sent out a movie list for the possible movies available for the first 5 weeks of winter term, please look over these movies and be prepared to vote on them November 19th.


Vice President: Excused


Secretary: If you are going to be absent from a meeting please contact the secretary and inform him of your absence.


Treasurer: For “MIBII”, we sold 462 tickets that amounts to $ 924.00 and made $ 252.00 in Concessions.  There is $8,600.00 in the account. 


Equipment Supervisor: The movie “Signs” is here and will be shown at 8:00 pm on Wednesday night and probably put together during the day.  On Wednesdays for the preview a lot can be learned about projecting and the duties surrounding it, so if you wish to become a projectionist talk to Brian or show up on Wednesday nights around 7:00 – 7:30.


Web page: The web page has been updated.


Publicity: No report


Concessions: No report.


Advertising: Slides cost $6.95 per slide plus another 2-3 dollars for shipping.

A cell phone slide will be made up soon.

The WMTU slide will cost about $10.00 per slide.


Advisors: No report.


Old Business: Sunday seems like a good day for the Film Board social, it will be the Sunday of the week before break that is November 17th.  A motion is made and then 2nd to have the social on November 17th at 6:00pm, location the Ming buffet.  27 votes for, motion passes.


New Business: The treasurer would like to remind all members that on Saturday night after the last show all money from the ticket sales and concessions should be dropped in the bag along with each of the record sheets, then the projectionist should place each of the bags in the lock box upstairs, thank you.


New screen: Film Board is considering the purchase of a new roll up perforated screen with a dust cover, perforated will let sound go through the screen since there will be tiny little holes in the screen.  Estimated costs for the screen come to $3,200.00 plus shipping costs and maintenance fees for Louie the welder.  Brian stated that it would be good if some members would be willing to help out with the installation since it could speed things up while also cutting down on the maintenance costs. 

The reason why the screen needs to be replaced is that it sags in the middle; it was purchased used, so it is old, and the major factor is the sound quality.  The way it is now the sound coming through the center channel is blocked by the screen and sounds muffled but with the new screen you will be amazed by how much the sound quality improves.  Just last Wednesday we watched the first 10 minutes of the movie with the screen half way down and then all the way down and there was a huge difference in sound quality.

Another issue that needs to be dealt with is what to do with the old screen, could we sell it back to the same company it was purchased from, could it be donated or even given away?

Costs for Film Board could become a problem in the future if one of the movies really takes a dive or if the screen ends up costing a lot more than we estimate, so we may have to go to USG for help.  USG may help us in the future if we need money, but to get immediate funds it would have to be deemed an emergency situation, otherwise the only way to get money for the screen would be for USG to put the screen in there budget for next fall.

Timing is also an issue and it is believed that if Film Board wants to get this screen then it should do so a quickly as possible so that there will be time to possibly install it over Thanksgiving or Christmas holiday.

          A motion has been made to allocate $4,200 for the purpose of purchasing, shipping, and installing a new screen in fisher 135.  There were 27 in favor of the motion and 2 abstentions, so the motion passes.


Meeting Adjourned: 6:25 pm


Dutifully Submitted,

Daniel J. Weir

Tuesday November 5th, 2002, 9:08 P.M.


Please accept my apology for the lateness of these minutes I am jacks regretful ness.