Film Board Minutes

Date: February 13, 2007

Meeting Started at:  6:05 PM

Unexcused Absences: Ashley Ames, Aaron McPhall

Excused Absences: Matt Bengry, Mark Cruth, Kyle Done, Esther Johnson, Joe Niewendorp

Minutes: Passed


President: Will be signing Forestry contract.                 


Vice President: no  

Secretary: no


Treasurer: Kyle wants officers to sign SAF packet tonight.  See everyone after meeting. Kyle will e-mail packet out to the list. There is a second table ended up in our office. It was probably out in hallway from this weekend; Call facilities?               


Equipment Supervisor: no report  


Web page: no report


Publicity: The door was left open  around 12:15 today.   It didn’t look like anything was taken. Everyone; make sure the door is CLOSED.    


Concessions: no report


Advertising:  Slides were up; we’re back on computer.  Got slides from licencing rip-off people.  If you simply hit shutter on the projector, it turns off the light without shutting it down. We need some sort of fan/cooling system.   There is just one show on the desktop.  They are usually dated.  Leave current one on desktop. Heyse is looking into how we can show slides in widescreen.  Our old receiver was received, they will send when they open it.


Advisors: N/A                            


Old Business: Popcorn Machine Part:  No update on the piece for the popcorn machine.  No new members yet.  Keys for 135- They are going to give us one to 2 keys possibly. Put key in safe maybe? He probably wont charge because it’s something we used to be able to do.  Go to Janitors to get key made.  Light Boxes- Aluminum is cheap. Sign place in Hancock- $10 for plate.


New Business: WMTU would like to advertise us for free. Move to accept WMTU advertise us for free. Passed. Sitcom- Kyle Thornton would like to video Shoot the audience again. The 6:00 & 8:30 audience works. MHA: Last year Film Board allowed MHA to buy tickets for date auction. Esther proposed being able to do this again at the 8:30 show Friday, March 23rd. Last year they roped off a section.  Move to accept allowing MHA to be let in as a group and have a section roped off, given Esther is responsible for getting the money to Flim Board. Passed. Ecological student wing wanted to show ‘Who killed the electric car’ when we get back from break.  There has been Trouble getting hold of them; they payed for the rights.  Projectionist?  Will find out. Table until more information is found out. ASMTU: presentation.


Meeting Adjourned: 6:52

Dutifully Submitted,

Dan Ehlke