Film Board Minutes

Date:  November 13, 2007

Meeting Started at:  6:05 PM


Unexcused Absences:

Excused Absences: Dan Ehlke



This was a special meeting which had the sole purpose of electing officers for the 2008 school year.


President: read an e-mail he had received from the first president of Filmboard.

Vice President:      



Equipment Supervisor:

Web page:






Old Business:


New Business: Elections!


Persons Running:

Equipment Manager: Austin, Randy, Matt H.

Vice President: Sean, Sarah, Austin, Wesley

Advertising: Sarah, Matt H, Wesley, Austin

Webpage Chair: Aaron, Matt P, Ken

Publicity: Erica (declined), Shannon, Austin

Concessions: Kyle L, Austin

Secretary: Sarah (declined), Fay

Treasurer: Kyle D, Wesley

President: Mark, Matt H (void due to election to Ads), Sarah


New Officers:

President: Mark Cruth

Vice President: Sean Heath

Secretary: Fay Dearing

Treasurer: Kyle Done

Equipment Manager: Randy Thomas

Webpage Chair: Aaron McPhall

Publicity: Shannon Twomey

Concessions: Austin Kuzmic

Advertising: Matt Heyse



Meeting Adjourned: 8:03pm


Minutes submitted by Future Secretary, Fay Dearing