Film Board Minutes

Date:  March 18th 2003


Meeting Started at:  6:02 P.M. 


Unexcused Absences:  Rhyan Hongisto, Ian Jeffrey, Pedro Lemmertz, Mark Schultz, Alexander Struthers, Daniel Weir, Lisa Welling, Jeffrey Wolodkiewicz.


Excused Absences:  Mark Jenstad, Paul Lefief, Tamara Ojanen


Minutes:  Passed


President:  The budget was drafted.  Wayne did a really good job with that.  There will be a meeting at 10:00 Saturday to finalize everything.  There will be a Hub-Bub in the MUB with prizes and all kinds of stuff happening.  Spring fling is drawing nearer, and if we want to do anything, there are applications.  Also, there is an Academic showcase if you want to go to that.  If anyone wants to nominate someone for a leadership award, they can go ahead and pick someone, possibly the president.  We haven’t done one before, but it is strongly encouraged.  The nominee has to do an essay, and you get your name in the Lode.


Vice President:  Everything should be updated.  Try and keep it clearer, if you’re going to erase your name and what not, make sure it’s understandable.  Also, if the projectionist could help keep track of who was and wasn’t there, that would be helpful.


Secretary:  No report.


Treasurer:  We sold 822 tickets for 8 Mile and we made $443 in concessions.  Our new account balance is approximately $8,500 without the $2,500 that the Undergraduate Student Government (USG) reimbursed us for.  It appears if we advertise, we get more sales.  Keep up the good work everyone.


Equipment Supervisor:  The move will be shown a littler later then usual, approximately 8:15 or shortly thereafter.  It isn’t in yet, but should be tomorrow.  The speaker enhancements are underway.  A cradle is being used to lower the speakers so it’s more stable to move around.  As for the computer, it has been reinstalled, though we’re still missing a CD drive.  If you want an account, just contact Niko and he should be able to set you up with one.  Congratulations go out to Luke for completing his graduate work.


Web page:  The website is updated for the movie and the member list.


Publicity:  The permission slips for the table tents aren’t ready tonight, those who distribute them need to pick the slips up in the mailbox in the MUB.  Some of the movie posters aren’t in yet, so Adam will call Mary to see what seems to be the problem.  Good job on publicity last week, it really paid off.  There’s an option of which picture to use for Die Another Day, one could attract some more customers.


Concessions: Pedro checked out the website on the stands for the popcorn flavoring.  Each flavor costs 3.99 for 3.79 oz.  There seems to be a good deal for buying the stands, which will be either 3 or 5 containers, though we may not use this much since one refill is 5 lbs.  This will be brought up at our next meeting so we can decide how we want to handle it.

Advertising:  We had a slight problem with a slide.  It was rushed FedEx for about $45 and we lost money on this deal.  It should’ve been taken care of.  There is a 4 slide minimum rule, but some confusion about this led to our problem.  It shouldn’t happen again.


Advisors:  No Report.


Old Business:  None.


New Business:  Discussion about how the light from the screen should be handled.  It seems that in dark movies, bright light shines through the screen and can reduce the satisfaction of the movie going experience.  It can be solved but may be really expensive.  It would also take a lot of work and how to go about it could be tricky.  We may be able to use a cloth or something draped behind the screen to reduce this effect, but if it doesn’t work it’s a lot of money gone down the drain.  This cloth idea will be researched and brought up at the next meeting.


Meeting Adjourned:  6:17


Dutifully Submitted,

John Jeske

Thursday March 20th 2003, 8:25 P.M.