Film Board Minutes

Date:  February 28, 2006

Meeting Started at:  6:05 PM

Unexcused Absences: Ashley Ames, Aaron McPhall, Kevin Smith

Excused Absences: Travis horrocks, Ghandi Jagasia, Brad Korstage, Austin Kuzmic, Jeff O'Brien

Minutes: Passed

President: ???   

Vice President: ???  

Secretary: no report  

Treasurer: USG $$$: Met with USG regarding cut of money allotted to filmboard. Unresolved and another appointment was set with e-board.  Stay after meeting if you are interested in our choices and stance on USG money.    

Equipment Supervisor: ???  

Web page: We're Good

Publicity: Don't have 'The Ringer' poster yet, but we did get the 'Stay' poster.  Will get table tents made as soon as the movies have been confirmed.  

Concessions: Will refill what we need for next show in 2 ½ weeks.


Advertising: make slides! One person made three slides *applause*.


Advisors: ???  

Old Business: Cotton Candy: Cotton candy was a success; 200 bags, 3 flavors. They were very grateful and they had a poster thanking filmboard; so we had publicity. Walk The Line: The producers of 'Walk the Line' pulled the rights because it was still being played in some theatres.  Mark had 3 choices and chose 'Stay' because of the good reviews and such.  We still had a profit from 'Stay' because of the discount.  'Walk the Line' was added to the voting list for today because there was discussion that it would do well.  Advisor Search: Erin Smith was asked to replace Travis after this semester, but there was no definite answer.  She was impartial to the idea because we are a profit organization.  Extension Cord: Chris wants his extension cord back.  Chris will buy a new one and have Filmboard reimburse him with receipt.

New Business: New Members: Four potential members filled out applications, and were interviewed: Megan Gayestki, Dustin Sommer, Ted Alder, and Jon Lefevre.  A motion was passed to accept them as members, except for Ted Alder, who would be accepted on the grounds that his GPA is brought up to the 2.0 standard. Movie Voting: We voted on the next movie set; two from Swank, and one from Criterion.  Swank: The Producers, Gloryroad, Memoirs of a Geisha, Annapolis, King Kong, Mrs. Henderson Presents…, Syriana, Fun with Dick and Jane, Rope, Underworld.  Criterion: Grandma's Boy, The New World, Cassanova, Walk The Line.

Meeting Adjourned: 6:35

Dutifully Submitted,

Dan Ehlke