Film Board Minutes

Date:April 3, 2007

Meeting Started at:6:05 PM

Unexcused Absences: Brandon Krieger, Wesley McGowan

Excused Absences: Erica Akehurst, Aaron McPhall, Joe Niewendorp

Minutes: Passed


President:††† Health Inspection: Luckily Austin & I cleaned up for the inspection. It went well. He complemented us on Popcorn machine. They usually come every 6 months, but because we have consistently passed they may only inspect every year.Stand a thon: Passes shown to board. They have 3 shows to redeem, and there are 10 of them, just let them in. Next week the meeting will be in 127. Epic Movie: When? On Saturday, we wonít get the room until 1:30; Sun: 11- 6pm. Dreamgirls will begin 5:30.We may only be able to do one show on Saturday. Sat: 2:30 Sun 1 & 4??? 2:30 both days, and 4:30 on Sunday. . Epic is 86 minutes.Motion to show Epic movie 3:30 Saturday, 3:30 5:30 Sunday. passed


Vice President: Toattend the social and receive posters you need 9 shows and 2 cleanups. †††††††


Secretary: no report.


Treasurer: $15500. If anyone has any receipts, get them to Kyle.Tell everyone about the movie. The last movie only made about $500. ASMTU didnít get enough votes so they are going to extend it. ††††††††††††††††††


Equipment Supervisor: Nothing today, prepare yourself for the last meeting so I can propose stuff for the summer. The room will get finished when I get back from Florida.


Web page: ? ? ?

Publicity: no report†††††††††††

Concessions: No report, can we make sure cans get taken back every Sunday or Monday?They get kinda gross. Invest in better trash bags?

Advertising: They tell us we have a tech account. We got a receipt. Iím fixing the wheel for the power cord. ††††††††††††††††††

Advisors: ? ? ?††††††††††††††††††††††††††


Old Business: Met for the ticket windows. Our design doesnít comply with fire codes.It needs to have automatic door closers.It would be easy to wire into the system. They have money left from Reiki, we might be able to use that. Sitcom: 5:30 8:00 11:30 are the correct times for this weekend. Make an announcement before movie. Spring Social: April 22nd, at 4:30.Move to make it $13. passed.

New Business: APO: Service Fraternity, used to do a student directory, the internet makes this useless. A student activity guide instead. There is a section for student orgs.During orientation week they will be put in student mailboxes, and purchasable at the bookstore.APO will be selling ads to student orgs. It might be good to get more members. Due May first with payment.Which section do we want to be in.ľ page: $25 Ĺ page: $50 full: $75. Black & white. Motion to purchase a full page. Passed. Concessions: The coolers for our pop they might need to be cleaned, once a year or something.


Meeting Adjourned:6:51


Dutifully Submitted,

Dan Ehlke