Film Board Minutes

Date:  September 2nd, 2003


Meeting Started at: 6:00 P.M.


Members Absent: Attendance was taken, but an outdated list makes it difficult to determine whose still in Filmboard and who’s absent.  Next week regular attendance will be taken.


Minutes: Passed


President:  There will be a resume workshop for those of you interested in polishing up your resume.  The room for the meeting should be set for the semester.  There is a conflict on a few different Wednesday nights for previewing the movie; hopefully we can work around this.  The attendance policy will be stricter this year, remember you can only have 3 unexcused absences.  An email will be sent after 2 unexcused absences.


Vice President:  Sign up sheets going around, lets get it filled up.  We have a few new people to interview.


Secretary: Nothing to report.


Treasurer:  We sold 141 tickets for Confidence and made $181.25 in concessions, which makes our account at just over $6,000.  We still haven’t been reimbursed for the popcorn machine yet.


Concessions:  We have popcorn and both types of oil, bag in a box and bars.  We should use the bars up first.  For the flavorings, Scott would like to find a place that sells the flavors in a smaller amount and will get back to us on the price.


Publicity:  The table tents will be handled by Adam and will be on time.  Next week we’ll sign up for distributing the publicity.


Advertising:  Frank emailed the distributor for the price of making the slides; he hasn’t got any information on that yet.


Equipment Supervisor:  Craig is still working on the popcorn machine.


Web page:  Not present.


Advisor: Dave would like to officially welcome everyone back.  He would also like to consider getting a junior advisor.  This would allow for an advisor to make it to every meeting.  If you can think of someone who might be interested in doing it, give Bekki and email.


Old business:  None.


New business:  After getting an exact number of people who are in Filmboard, the requirements will be adjusted.  There was discussion about K-Day, we should have a table.  There were a few people who volunteered to work the table, as long as we have one, and everything should be set.  The three new members who were interviewd, Matt Bergry, Jack McCaffery, and Matt Dunn were all voted in.


Motion to adjourn, motioned passed. 


Meeting Adjourned: 6:25 pm


Dutifully Submitted,

John Jeske

Wednesday September 3rd 2003, 10:15 P.M.