Advertise with Film Board

If you want an ad on the big screen:

  • Payment must be delivered to the advertising chair before the slide will be shown! (fees explained below)
  • Slide and payment must be received, and an advertising contract completed prior to 5:00pm on the Thursday before the first weekend the ad is to be shown
  • If you would prefer not to design your own slide, the advertising chair can design a good looking one for you for a small fee

Exceptions to the deadline are at the discretion of the current advertising chair

Payment options:

Slide Slot

  • Plan 1: $10 per weekend per slide
  • Plan 2: $75 for the entire academic semester per slide


  • $50 for the first 30 seconds, $25 for every 15 seconds following

We accept cash, check, or MTU inter-account bill.

The slides must be in the Microsoft PowerPoint .pptx format using a 2.39:1 (Scope print) ratio, and have embedded fonts enabled.

  • We use a full digital cinema Scope print which uses a  2.39:1 aspect ratio. The ad should be planned around that.
  • Vector art is preferred for images, but your design team may want to make the ad a single raster image.
  • Microsoft recommends that such an image be the resolution of the projector, which for us is 2048×858 when showing a Scope image.
  • Because this is a projected image, high contrast text is good (stay away from dark blues on black, etc.)

A blank PowerPoint slide in the 2.39:1 ratio, with embedded fonts pre-enabled, is available here for download.
The slide must be in this format or it will not be shown.

If you have any questions, please consult our Advertising Policy.

The Current Film Board Advertising Chair:
Dylan Miller